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工作原理图 Working Principle Diagram:

适用范围 Application:
Iron removal and purification of non-metallic ores by wet
processing, especially for wet iron removal of non-metallic
ores such as quartz sand and potash feldspar. In addition, it
has a good separation effect on weak magnetic minerals such
as hematite, limonite, specularite, siderite, manganese, and

技术特点 Technical Feature:
1. 选用高性能钕铁硼磁材,独特的平面磁路设计,磁场更加合理;
2. 聚磁复合磁系,多磁极结构,磁场强度高梯度大;
3. 有效磁力面积大,选别时间长,效果好;
4. 磁板角度可调,以适应不同流动性的物料;
5. 配以均匀的给料装置,自动清理吸附的磁性物;
6. 可按用户要求设计,拆卸方便。
7. 能耗极低,维护方便。
1. High-performance neodymium iron boron magnetic material
is selected, and the unique planar magnetic circuit design
makes the magnetic field more reasonable.
2. Concentrated magnetic composite magnetic system, multi-pole structure, high magnetic field intensity and large gradient.
3. Large effective magnetic area, long selection time
and good effect.
4. The angle of the magnetic plate is adjustable to adapt to
materials with different fluidity.
5. Equipped with a uniform feeding device to automatically
clean the adsorb magnetic objects.
6. Easy to disassemble.
7. Low energy consumption and easy maintenance.