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产品详情 Description

适用范围 Application:
Magnetic ferrous traps is used in joint for pipes (such as size, paper mill, flou factory etc) and is connected with both sides of pipe. It is applied to rust of crumb oxide and iron contamination in liquid.

技术特点 Technical Feature:
1. 磁体采用最新工艺生产的钕铁硼永磁材料,表面磁场强度峰值可达12000高斯

2. 能承受10个大气压的工作压力

3. 使用温度可达80-120摄氏度

4. 特殊设计便于安装和卸出杂铁减少工人劳动强度

5. 尺寸规格可根据客户要求量身定做

6. 管体材质为不锈钢304
1. Using NdFeB,magnetic field intensity more than 12000GS.

2. Working pressure more than 10 atmospheric pressure.

3. Temperature 80-120 centigrade.

4. Easy installationless working intensity.

5. Produce according to customers requirement.

6. Pipe material: 304 Stainless steel.

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