产品编号: 316460
电话咨询: 18927222623
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适用范围 Application:
Grate magnet can be installed in the hopper of all kinds of drying
machine,plastic machine and other machine to remove iron and some other ferrous material when the products get through the hopper

技术特点 Technical Feature:
The hopper magnet can work in up to 250centigrade environment with up to 12000GS performance as it is made of high quality neodymium magnet,stainless steel tubes and iron plate

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适用范围 Application:
Magnetic coolant separator is a device which cleans the coolant liquid through separating the ferrous particles in it. The magnetic coolant separator contains a magnetic coolant filter,which will catch up and remove ferrous material, in order to purify coolant liquid and protect equipment (like grinders, super finishingmachine)

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